[ENG] AMA Recap: Metaweb Discussion with Bang Pateng Community x Acent’s Your Earth DAO

AMA Summary

  • SESI 1. Project Introduction
  • SESI 2. Twitter Question
  • SESI 3. Telegram Question

SESI 1 (Poject Introduction)

  • must have a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) based governance where the ability to propose and vote on major policies and feature enhancements should be enforced by a publicly verifiable blockchain;
  • must be able to render high-end graphical features such as hyper-realistic graphics, AR, and VR support to allow metasites and meta-applications to be rendered and experienced with immersion;
  • has a unique metaweb domain name system support such as MRL that is recognizable, searchable, connectable, reachable, and teleportable through a web 3.0 browser-based product
  • must allow deployment of 3D object-based websites called meta-sites in a public meta-space where people can interact, connect with each other, perform social media interactions, and engage in business activities;
  • must be capable of supporting enticing real-time dynamic activity-based play-to-earn (P2E) applications that reward users’ efforts in developing good competitive multiplayer skills and strategies rather than roll-the-dice style deterministic, simulated NFT ownership microgames of algorithmic games of chance.
  • developer tool agnosticism must be guaranteed and not be limited within the parameters of expression provided by a centralized product developer authority.
  • must have a public space for everyone to meet, connect, and interact henceforth defined as a metaspace.
  1. develop the core metaweb ecosystem;
  2. compensate the EDAO governance token holders, including landowners;
  3. deploy a self-sufficient, robust, decentralized immersive web service.
  • pledging EDAO to receive revenue share rewards from the entire ecosystem fee collected in the UBI pool;
  • trading on the Acent DEX; and
  • participating in the key governance voting system of the YED
  • A total of 10, 000 parcels of YED land will be made available to the public during the first sales event. Each parcel of YED land is ARC-20 built on the Acent blockchain.
  • The YED will also create unique land areas with special benefits and rewards, such as Acent City. This is the only place in the YED territories where you can mine digital electricity (called the ZEP).
  • Mines EDAO tokens and participate the metaverse governance: When users own land, they can mine EDAO tokens that enable them to participate in the metaverse governance through voting or submitting DAO proposals. The mined EDAO will also earn ACE from the UBI pool as long as they stake their EDAO tokens.
  • Users can exchange and own NFT lands, mine multiple kinds of tradable resources through Pylon NFTs & ZEP on your lands.
  • Constructs buildings & properties, starts businesses and provides various services/apps/games within the metaverse (even to the real life).
  • Monetizes by foot traffic of your NFT lands, creating & selling unique NFTs, and charge service/meta-app fee from your business

SESI 2 (Twitter Question)

  • Web 3.0 Acent Browser: Acent Browser is a blockchain-only browser that understands the blockchain language well and is designed to be most compatible with blockchain.
  • ACENT Mainnet: Acent Mainnet is a unique blockchain algorithm network designed to co-exist with major blockchain networks. By building the Acent network, we provide various solutions to the problems of current blockchain networks, provide improved functions to build a virtuous cycle ecosystem.
  • Metawallet: Metawallet is an Acent Browser built-in multi-wallet that supports crypto-related activities in a harmonious and safe manner. (payment, remittance, deposit, network compatibility, etc.)
  • Liberty Meta Search Engine: 100% open-source search engine that promotes freedom of speech with top exposure of trusted internet information through a user reliability review system.
  • dAppstore(DAPPX): The dAppstore(DAPPX) provides the most optimized blockchain service to users by integrating with the blockchain-friendly Acent Browser that serves all blockchain-related content.
  • Your Earth DAO Metaverse: Your Earth DAO is Acent’s metaverse service that provides businesses and enthusiasts alike a ‘life business’ platform that would fuel their passion and creativity.

SESI 3 (Telegram Question)

  • G0 Level — 0 ~ 900 MAU
  • G1 Level — 901~1800 MAU
  • G2 Level — 1801 ~ 2700 MAU
  • G3 Level — 2501~ 3600 MAU
  • G4 Level — 3601~ 4500 MAU
  • G5 Level — 4501 ~ 5400 MAU
  • G6 Level — 5401 ~ 6,300 MAU
  • G7-G9 Level — Undefined as of now
  • the ability to submit proposals that could affect the governance of the YED platform; and
  • the privilege of reviewing and commenting on the DAO proposals submitted by the members of the community on the YED platform.



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